29" 160mm travel 



“These are limited edition frames, not mass production items. The highest levels of craftsmanship go into each frame at every stage”

RB2 Prototype



We start with a usage profile from which we define the most critical characteristics to maximise performance. 


Early sketches turn into CAD images that evolve as kinematic and structural analysis is completed.   Moulds and tooling are created, laminates optimised and frames produced.  

We test extensively through series of rig and real world tests designed to verify the reliability and usability of the bike.

An immense amount of design and analysis goes into our products.

"Our aim is to build exclusive high quality bikes in small controlled batches. This keeps the personal touch in each frame we manufacture, which we aim to transfer to the eventual owner."


A detailed series of analysis using finite element techniques was performed throughout development to carefully define the laminate, dictating ply position, orientation, staggers and overlaps.

Optimised to achieve stringent compliance, strength, impact, and durability targets.

"We know every single ply because we defined it and worked with the lay up through manufacture."



Plies of carbon fibre pre preg are pre cut from a roll of material and placed into kits for each frame. Plies are laid against the mould according to the specific sequence defined in the manual. Vacuum and pressure debulks ensure a wrinkle and void free laminate.


The structural efficiency and integrity which cannot be judged or appreciated looking at the outside surfaces.

A huge amount of detail goes into areas that cannot be seen.

"The main frame is a true monocoque construction while the swing arm is manufactured as a left hand and right had side before being bonded at the centre bridge."


The lay up holds the key to much of the frames durability. Plies are positioned to ensure fibre continuity across the frame and reinforcement is added to local areas where required. Key structural features are reinforced with hoop plies, continual plies of fibre running around every bearing bore and mounting lug, each staggered and overlapped from the previous ply.

The autoclave manufacturing route follows procedures and standards set in the Motorsport and Aerospace Industries.

"Carbon fibre is pressed into the mould, held under vacuum, then cured in an autoclave at temperature and elevated pressure."


To find the absolute limits of the frame  we partnered with EFBE Pruftecknik, a leading test laboratory in operation since 1995. We take quality and safety seriously and along with EFBE conducted a series of fatigue tests well in excess of those from International standards to ensure our frames meet the demands of the most talented riders.

Tested to downhill

bike loads.

Paint & Finish

Frame sets will be manufactured to order.   Partial and complete build options are available on request.  Bespoke paint schemes can be specified at the time of order at an additional cost.

Painted and finished in the UK

"Our target is to produce frames that allow riders to push their limits, this capability takes them well into downhill bike territory requiring the strength and durability to match."